Double Storey


Designs for two storey houses that residents of Perth love.

In case you are searching for a home which has enough space, comfort and is effective, we possess a broad variety of designs of double storey houses to select from. Perth House and Land is a top builder of double-storey houses, our experience in the construction is of twenty years and we have done a large number of designs that have won awards.

During the time that we design plans for houses that are as far as double storey, we labour with the customers to make sure that they obtain the houses they always desired. The moment we have the design drawn and accepted, we begin to construct your house, making sure that our excellent measures are followed in every stage of the process.

Practical, bright, light and beautiful double storey houses

The houses we build are bright, light and capacious, additionally, effective and beautiful. You can either choose the double storey house of your choice from our range of modern designs or let us modify a home design for you.

The moment you purchase a new house from Perth House and Land, together with your family you acquire advanced lifestyle. Moreover you obtain clever investment which will give huge profit at the time you make a decision to put it on sale if you do.

Also, we offer a variety of choices for small areas, pull down and construct projects. Each of our two storey house designs is already carefully made with consideration of suitability to live in them in actual life.

Regardless of the lifestyle you live, or the kind of piece of land you own, you will get a two storey design of Perth House and Land to fit even if it's a design from the past that appears and feels old or a recent double storey house.

Talk to us and let us discuss about your new double storey house today on (08) 6102 8934.